Today I have something a little different to share with you all! I recently rediscovered a scrapbook my grandad made of his time during the second world war. As you can imagine this is full of history, not only because of the subject, but because it’s around 70 years old!

I don’t know much about my grandad’s time during the war, only that he was in the Royal Air Force, and was stationed in India and Burma from around 1943-45. He died 25 years, so anything he may have mentioned has been lost over that time.


This scrapbook is amazing though (and not just because the glue is still holding!), when you look at everything he kept. From newspaper cuttings to menus, letters to cards, leaflets to money… he kept and included it all.


It really is a fascinating look back at this time in history. I’m so pleased I got to look through this scrapbook, it’s the oldest I’ve come across and probably the only scrapbook in the family outside of my own.

I sometimes wonder if there is purpose to what I do. When looking through this, and the light it helped shed on his life that question is easily answered. Yes.


If you’d like to see more photos from this album, you can find them below. Clicking on any of the photos will enlarge them for more detail.










You can also find the video of me sharing this album below.