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Where’s a Patronus When You Need One?

Do you ever have a really random conversation where you say something that sparks a layout idea?

Recently at work I was talking to a co-worker about the never-ending saga of how cold my house was during the winter and made the comment “It’s almost like there’s a dementor* floating outside my window sucking all the heat out of the room”.

As soon as I said it, a layout idea was born!

I knew right away what I wanted the layout to look like the comment I had made – A dementor hovering outside my window, looking in.

I started off by taking a photo of me in my room from my window, which was actually harder than it looked due to the space and trying to get enough of the room in frame without actually having be be outside standing on a ladder!

I traced the dementor from an image found online, and then cut out two layers – black cardstock and a vellum overlay for added visual interest. I added sewing as this is a look I’m loving at the moment for added detail, including sewing some bricks to reinforce the image that this page was actually the outside of my house.

To finish off I fussy cut some flowers out as the layout was looking a little empty. I made the choice not to colour the flowers, so that the focus of the layout was the window and the pop of colour it produced compared to the starkness of the rest of the page.

If you’d like to watch my process, you can check out my video below or click here to watch it on YouTube.

* Dementors for those who don’t know, are creatures from the Harry Potter universe that suck all the joy and happiness out of you when you’re around them. They also turn the area surrounding them cold and frosty, which is the aspect of them that I was focusing on for this layout.

UK Scrap Addicts: Love Tonight

Hi everyone! Guess what? In case you were unaware, I’ve joined a new design team!

I’m now a part of the UK Scrap Addicts Creative Team, and I’ll be creating layouts for their YouTube channel once a month.

The UK Scrap Addicts aims to promote scrappers from the UK, as well as scrappy businesses based here, such as kit clubs and shops. Make sure to check out their website as they have several resources pages dedicated to this pursuit.

Each month we will have one or two topics to focus on, which we will base our layouts around. This month our prompt was multiple photos. I decided to create a Valentine’s day layout – about a ‘date’ I took myself on. Typical me!

If you’d like to read more about this layout, and see additional photos, please check out my blog post over on the UK Scrap Addicts blog. You can find my post here.

If you’d like to watch my process, you can check out my video below or click here to watch it on YouTube.