New Kit Club: The Fairytale Club

Over the last few months, several kit clubs have sadly had to close their doors, which is why I’m so happy any time I see a new one start up!

The latest is called The Fairytale Club and is a monthly scrapbooking/planner club. Each monthly collection is full of exclusive items and inspired by fairytales.

I immediately fell in love with some of the papers that were part of the scrapbooking kit, and after trying to talk myself out of buying something I didn’t really need for a few weeks, I finally caved and purchased the inaugural collection, plus an additional paper pack (to stop me from hoarding my favourite papers).

I love this kit! While not everything is 100% to my tastes (a few of the papers are a little too bold for me), the papers are gorgeous, and I love the hints of watercolour throughout the papers and embellishments, as well as all the hand lettering scattered throughout!

I confess I broke my own rule about not buying supplies without a project already in mind for them, but sometimes paper is just too pretty to resist! My current plan is to make a few layouts with my favourite papers and then use the rest in a travellers notebook of some kind. Now I just need to brainstorm what topic I want to scrap!

If you’d like to watch my process, you can check out my video below or click here to watch it on YouTube.

Go for launch…

Welcome to my new website and blog, ScifiScrapper.com!

I’ve been blogging on various social media platforms and websites since I was 18 and have always loved doing so, sharing my hobbies and passions with others.

I’m now starting a new chapter in my life (having just moved house) and felt this was the perfect time to start a website and blog, so I could share my crafty life with others.

Scrapbooking is by far my favourite crafty hobby and is what you’ll see featured here most often. I do love to sew too if I have the time, so don’t be surprised if you see the odd quilt or cushion I’ve created to pop up on here too! 😀

On my website you’ll find my blog of course, as well as a gallery of past layouts with information about some of the products used and the story behind the layout, as well as resources, and of course, links to my design team work and other social media.

I hope you enjoy your time here on my site that you’ll consider subscribing, either via the RSS or BlogLovin’ feed.

Have a great day!